What Must The ‘fork Roast’ Be Spiced With Before Skewering And Roasting?

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Question 1

a)     What must the ‘fork roast’ be spiced with before skewering and roasting? (Vocabulary- spike (verb); definition: Spice).

b)    Give an example of a proof that the author consider iconographical (Vocabulary- evidence (noun); definition: proof).

c)     The writer notes that the debate over who created kebab can be impassioned, but hints at an existence of a pun at her usage of the word, explain the pun (vocabulary- heated (adjective); definition: impassioned).

Question 2

a)     The (marinate)———— skirt steak sounds sophisticated unlike its simple American version.

b)    According to the author, (suckle)———— pigs are the most suitable for preparing a roasted pig for celebration.

c)     The wholly (skewer)———— pigs are roasted over charcoal (fill)———— pits in a similar manner as a rotisserie.

Question 3

a)     What, in Korea, does the author compare to barbecue?———— (Spanish tapas).

b)    What are the names of Chef Yo’s three main types of Japanese robatayaki? ———— (smoked duck breast (kamo), bacon-wrapped sticky rice cakes (mochi), and Japanese eggplant (nasu)).

c)     Where can the modern version of the Jamaican jerk be found?———— (Spice Island, Colorado).

Question 4

The article is open and would allow room for several other kinds of assignment. A writing assignment would probably be one of the best kinds of assessments aimed at ameliorating comprehension of the students regarding the article. Here, the learners are given questions to complete with respect to the article. Notably, a writing assignment could take several forms including writing a research essay, a reflective journal, project report, and literature review among others. In the research essay, learners are supposed to answer a specific question on the article, for instance, is the South African braai better than the Jamaican jerk? Correspondingly, they will present a main argument and support or refute it based on facts drawn from other sources. On the other hand, a reflective journal requires the students to ruminate and ponder over the reading. It requires the readers to identify their understanding, reflect on the thinking, and comprehend what and how they have learned from the particular article. A project report would works more like a research essay but it has to be physical. For example, the students will have to sample the Japanese robatayaki and compose a report on their findings concerning such elements as taste and texture, then write a report vis-à-vis the article. The final writing assignment could be a literature review. This writing assignment is comparative in nature and requires the learners to analyze other pieces of literature with a view to confirming the major claims that the author has included in the article. Regardless of the specific kind of writing assignment, both holistic and analytic scoring apply. In the former, such categories as A,B,C,D are used to grade the students from best to poor respectively, while in the latter, the performance of the learners specific aspects of the writing such as mechanics, vocabulary, or grammar are evaluated and graded independently, the overall score is a mean score from these elements.

Apart from the writing assignments, oral assignments could also suffice to examine how quick the learners were able to internalize the article. These could be random questions during the reading or organized series of oral questions that the tutor asks shortly after the lesion or session. They attract immediate feedback from the tutor. In this sense, primary trait scoring is the most suitable mode of scoring. It entails analysis of a specific aspect of the assignment. For example, in this case, comprehension was the major aspect being tested, thus, primary trait scoring will only focus on the learners’ comprehension of the reading.  


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