Impact Of Globalization On Employment In The Criminal Justice System

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Globalization, an emerging concept, has become a blanket descriptive term for all the processes emerging as a result of the global economic integration. It entails intricate processes and concepts that shape the incessant growth and convergence of world economies with reference to markets for goods and labor force management. The interconnection between the multifaceted concept of globalization and labor or the employment sector is equally growing to be a major concern for policymakers. However, it has been determined that the intricacies characterizing both concepts makes it difficult to analyze the relationship either empirically or theoretically. On this note, it is worth noting that the body of literature in this scope is highly limited with most of them specific to regions. A global analysis of the relationship may prove largely impossible given the varying economic and employment situations in various regions of the world even in the face of globalization. In particular, the concept of globalization also means a wide range of elements to different analysts and researchers, thus, making its impacts difficult to not only isolate but also evaluate. Besides, the relationship relies majorly on the distinct ability of a country to cope with such policies that concern liberalization of trade, technology and investment flows. In the face of the unique ability, it seems that it is not possible to generalize the relationship between globalization and employment. Nonetheless, the existing framework of literature still remain pertinent in studying the impact of globalization on employment especially with reference to specific fields of employment like the criminal justice system.  Arguably, the impact of globalization on employment in the criminal justice system will expand jurisdictions and probably increase the rate of crime, therefore, opening up more employment avenues in the sector due to the need for, and subsequent creation of a less anachronistic state crime control paradigms, creation of more ‘supermax’ prisons, and the emergence of sophisticated patterns of crime.

Annotated Bibliography

Mandelbaum, Michael, and Thomas L. Friedman. "That Used to Be Us: How America Fell Behind in the World It Invented and How We Can Come Back." New York (NY), Farrar, Straus and Giroux (2011): 12. Mandelbaum and Thomas, the “frustrated optimists” argue that while America still has many things working out, especially innovativeness and entrepreneurial spirit, it is quickly drifting off-course in the face of a changing world. The duo decry the time of the trend noting that the degeneration is happening at a time when America should be exploiting new political and economic changes brought about by Globalization to  maintain its global position. Friedman and Mandelbaum (a foreign-policy expert), deeply delves into explicit explication of the undoing of America in the era of globalization and the potential tragedy associated with the situation. Besides, they appeal for the return of the economic and political formula and framework that made the country a global powerhouse. In particular, they note that the U.S.A faces a host of challenges that undoubtedly threaten to delineate the country from the course of its dreams and visions both economical and political.  Coping with globalization, budget deficits, climate change, and keeping up with information revolution are identified as some of the major problems facing the country. In spite of the other challenges, globalization seems to be presenting America with a major headache especially since it affects all the areas of governance. Deductively, the fact that the authors admit that coping with globalization is problematic to America, it follows that such areas of the economy and governance like employment and the criminal justice system are equally suffering. It is important to note that the authors do not explicitly relate the criminal justice system with globalization, but inferences from their standpoint on globalization implies a causation between globalization and employment in such sectors as the criminal justice system. Given the situation, the duo proposes a forward-looking and strong government that promotes extensive international presence and the domestic economy as the primary solution for the current troubles plaguing America.

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