7 Habits Of Highly Effective People. A Review

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7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The habits I will be focusing on include sharpening the saw, put first things first, and synergizing (Covey, 2013).

Habit number three suggests that people put first things first. It deals with prioritizing one’s work and only focusing on the most important ones. According to Covey (2013), this gets you near your future vision by keeping you away from distractions. I chose this habit because getting overwhelmed with tasks in a short time can be confusing and incapacitating if not prioritized. In fact, most of the tasks have a delivery deadline, which can only be met with proper planning and prioritization. This habit helps greatly with time management and completion of tasks.

Synergize. Covey (2013) notes that the benefits of contributions from many people cannot compare to those of an individual. Working with people pushes you to heights you would have never reached if you worked as a person. There will be disagreements and conflicts, but that is the process of creating something wonderful. I have chosen this habit because I am naturally a team player. While I can accomplish my individual tasks appropriately, I also work better alongside other people. Besides, the creativity associated with team work would be necessary in helping me achieve my goals.

Lastly, sharpen the saw. In the current economy, it is utterly easy to work yourself to death without even realizing it. Sharpening the saw requires that one creates a work-life balance no matter how busy they maybe. I chose this habit because I understand the importance of recuperating and recharging. This ensures a long-term effectiveness and prevents a potential burnout that could render one incapacitated for a long time.

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