Socw 200b – 001/002/003: Social Welfare In Canada

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Instructions are as follows:

1. Choose a social policy / social welfare issue from the list below, or come up with your own. (If you choose to do your own, please discuss it with me first.)

2. Research the issue using peer-reviewed articles, scholarly books, government reports, and policy/legislation documents. Policy and legislation sources can come from any jurisdiction (province, country, etc) from around the world; however, be sure to also include local legislation for comparison. You may use media sources to add to the content but do not rely on these for factual information. TRY to use at least 6 quality Okanagan College Interdisciplinary Studies SOCW 200B – Winter 2020 6
sources (not including media). Depending on your topic, finding academic articles may be a challenge. Use your librarians and the OCtopus search engine.

3. Develop a clear understanding of the various sides of your issue based on your research and create a presentation to present these to the class. In your presentation, make sure to cover which policy (or policies – Federal, Provincial, and Municipal) relates to this issue. For example, if your issue relates to the child welfare system, you will need to tell the class something about the child welfare legislation in BC.

4. Provide instructions to the class regarding how you want to see the discussion play out. Give guidelines and structure. Moderate the discussion in the classroom – this means keeping the discussion on topic, making sure airspace is shared, and being ready with prompting questions/comments/facts to facilitate deeper understanding of the material. Don’t forget this part!! You are responsible as a group for making discussion happen, so come ready to encourage people to engage in various ways.


Possible issues to research by topic/week (this is not exhaustive – you are welcome to come up with your own ideas, as well. Just make sure to discuss your topic with me.)


 Requiring welfare recipients to undergo drug testing in order to qualify for benefits

 Use of “workfare” policy for welfare recipients

  Pro-charge policies in domestic violence situations (requiring charges against the offender every time, regardless of the victim’s wishes)

 On-campus policies regarding sexual assault – expelling alleged offenders and other remedies

  Existence/use of group homes for youth in foster care

  Increasing the “age out” age for kids in foster care

  Mandatory drug / alcohol addiction treatment for minors

 Sterilization (or mandatory birth control) for parents who have a history of abusing / neglecting their children

 Gender affirming surgery covered by publicly-paid medical coverage  Inclusion of LGBTQ issues in public school sex education programs

  Criminalization / decriminalization of sex work

 Delegating child welfare services to Aboriginal-specific agencies

  Mandatory retirement age

 Use of public dollars to support “aging in place” legislation to allow seniors to stay in their homes

  Canada’s acceptance of refugees from conflict countries such as Syria

  Including an English/French language requirement as a prerequisite to immigration

 Institutionalization for people with mental health diagnoses

 How to treat/rehabilitate people who break the law but are found “Not criminally responsible”  Inclusion of housing as a human right in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms

 Should private institutions be exempt from anti-discrimination law

 Food security as a human right or individual responsibility

 How to approach funding for post-secondary education

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