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Policy Briefing Note     Title   “Identification of the rising health threats in Canada for environmental pollution and degradation and addressing them to incur an essential legal binding.”    
Date: 28 October, 2013.
To: Hon. Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health, Parliament of Canada.
From: [Your student number]
  Summary   The rising health threats of Canada have been analyzed my several health organizations within the country. In addition, the statistics of diseases in Canada have drawn the attention of numerous physicians all over North America and abroad for their high frequency of serious diseases. After intensive analysis the inference can be drawn that environmental pollution and degradation is the main reason behind the accelerating pace of health threats in Canada. The greatest point to be noted in this aspect is even after noticing and identifying the reason behind health threats, Canadian Government have not seriously implemented any strict regulation to control the rising health threats. It is high time for the minister of Health of Canada to formulate some acts for the betterment of Canadian environment which will greatly minimise the present and upcoming heal problems of the country.           Recommendations The recommendations for Minister of Health, Parliament of Canada, are highlighted with description. The prime point to be presented before her is that she must arrange an immediate meeting with Hon. Leona Aglukkaq the Minister of Environment, Parliament of Canada to design some protocols to be formulated in Canada. The recommendations for legislations are enlisted over here.
  1. All the vehicles used in Canada must have pollution check at least once in three months. This recommendation is essential for Canada as respiratory disorders, air-track infection, acute asthma, dust allergies and influenza are major health threats of Canada which are all outcomes of air pollution.
  2. The amount of production and importing pesticide In Canada must be restricted along with its usage. The reason behind this is usage of pesticides have been cited as the cause of dangerous diseases in Canada like cancer, SARS, autism and many more.
  3. The drinking water that is made to be available for Canadian citizens must be processed before their exposure to common people. A number of diseases in Canada have been identified as a reason of unprocessed and adverse quality of drinking water. Thus, an act must be formulated which state that no drinking water will must be made to be available to the citizens without proper treatment. In addition, the treated drinking water must be availed by citizens for free to enhance the frequency of usage of treated and processed drinking water, thereby minimise the rate of water borne diseases.
    Implementation The recommended points as provided above must be jotted down by the ministers to form a bill. As soon as the legal bill is formed, is has to be passed by both the houses of senate by the active cooperation of Ministers of Canadian Parliament. If it is predicted that the ill may be rejected, the Hon. Minister of health and the Hon. Minister of Environment must display the dangerous outcomes if the bill is not passed. Thus, for the good of Canada and its people, probably the bill will be passed. Finally, the royal assent on the bill has to be given by the Canadian governor general to form the law and put it to execution.   Financial Impact The three recommended laws that must be included in Canadian legislation will involve some financial expenditure, though it is not of a high budget. First of all, Canada will have to prepare an advanced infra structure to carry out the treatment and processing of drinking water, thereby enhancing the quality of it to minimise the rates of water borne diseases. In addition, the government will also have to recruit people and install corporations for carrying out the pollution checkups for vehicles. This will involve a continuous expenditure to install and maintain the infra-structures in future. The source of these expenditures can be from governmental funds as well as taxes drawn from common people.     Background The two main pillar of a country is always the environment and its people. Thus, any disorder of the environment or threat to its people must be considered as a vital issue to be taken into account and plan for its remedies. The past of present of Canada has been marked y dangerous health threats for which environmental disorders have been identified as the main cause. Thus, it is high time to plan for the remedies and implement them thereby.   Analysis Need for the recommended policy Prevention is always better that cure. Thus, it is better to prevent the health threats and dangerous diseases that to spend money for their treatment to cure. This can be done by some environmental legislation which makes up the recommended policy. Thus, the need of policy is validated. Supportive arguments The Government may deny in formulating the policy as it will involve some investments. But the point must be noted by the Canadian government that the policy, if formulated, will enhance the quality of environment as well as minimise health threats in Canada. Thus, it is an integrated solution which is essential. Identification of expected results The expected positive results are as follows:
  • The rate of water borne diseases will be reduced for treating and processing the drinking water of Canada.
  • The atmosphere will gain quality as the amount of air pollutants will be reduced as a reason of regulation pollution checkups in vehicles. This will cut the rising rates of diseases like respiratory disorders, air-track infection, acute asthma, dust allergies and influenza.
  • Controlling the usage of pesticide will reduce the frequency of diseases like skin cancer, SARS and autism.
Timeline The laws must be formulated at least within 1 year from today to reduce the upcoming health threats within next five years.   As all the expected outcomes are positive, the Government must immediately implement the recommendations.  
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